Horizon Font Family Free Download
Sans Serif, Display, Typeface

Horizon Font Free Download

Horizon Font is a display sans serif typeface with a bold, modern look that’s eye-catching and easy to read. It is captivated by its unique charm.

Due to its clean and strong look, it can be used for various purposes ideal for websites, product packaging, branding, marketing, magazines, posters, or overlay any background image

On the other hand, the best part is that it has good readability. The letters are well-spaced and easy to read at a distance. This makes it great for text that will be read on-screen or in print.

Horizon typeface comes in a wide range of styles including light, regular, medium, bold, and more. This font is available in a variety of languages, including Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek.

Font Details

Font Name:Horizon font Family
Style:Sans Serif, Display, Typeface
Font Designer:Unknown
File Format:TTF, OTF
License:Free For Personal Use
Files:Horizon (Truetype, Opentype)

Horizon font Image

Horizon Font Family Download


This tool is ideal for creating banners, social media posters, magazines, flyers, headers, and text designs. You can easily use it to create wall murals and home decorations.

This remarkable font is also a good choice for creating a variety of certificate designs, gift cards, and branding logos. It is popular and widely used in many industries.

Supported Languages

This font supports 65 languages.

Show Supported Languages:
Afrikaans, Albanian, Asu, Basque, Bemba, Bena, Breton, Chiga, Cornish, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Filipino, Finnish, French, Friulian,
Galician, German, Gusti, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Kabuverdianu, Kalenjin, Kinyarwanda, Luo, Luxembourgish, Luyia, Machame, Makhuwa-Meetto,
Makonde, Malagasy, Manx, Morisyen, North Ndebele, Norwegian Bokmäl, Norwegian Nynorsk, Nyankole, Oromo, Portuguese, Quechua, Romansh, Rombo,
Rundi, Rwa, Samburu, Sango, Sangu, Scottish Gaelic, Sena, Shambala, Shona, Soga, Somali, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Swiss German, Taita, Teso,
Uzbek (Latin), Volapük, Vunjo, Zulu.
Horizon Font Free Download

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FAQs about Horizon font:

What is the Horizon font?

Horizon font is a typеfacе stylе that fеaturеs clеan and simplе lеttеrs without dеcorativе tails or sеrifs.

Is Horizon font еasy to rеad?

Yеs, Horizon font is dеsignеd for rеadability with its clеar and straightforward lеttеrforms.

Whеrе can I usе thе Horizon font?

You can use thе Horizon font in various dеsign projects likе postеrs, flyеrs, wеbsitеs, and morе.

Download Now

It is free for your personal use. So, don’t hesitate and start working with this typeface wherever you want.

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